Bergen international airport (BGO) is situated at Flesland, about half an hour by bus from the city center. Airport information can be obtained from Avinor.

There are special airport buses between the airport and the city center, about every 15 minutes. The bus costs 75 NOK one way. A taxi ride from the airport to the city center costs about 250 to 350 NOK depending on the day and time of day.


The train trip between Oslo and Bergen takes 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 hours. The train is comfortable and the trip over the mountains offers good views. Along this rail route, there are several stations which are excellent starting points for skiing, notably Myrdal, Hallingskeid, Finse, Haugastøl, Ustaoset and Geilo. There are also night trains. Get the timetable from NSB.


Bergen has regular sea connections with many other Norwegian coastal cities and towns, and with international destinations including Newcastle (UK) and Hanstholm (Denmark).


Bergen is on the European roads E16 and E39. Snow tires may be necessary. Along the coast there are regular ferries that take cars across the fjords.