The workshops will be held at the University of Bergen (Universitetet i Bergen). The venue is Jussbygget (Dragefjellet) (near the bottom on the Bergen map with workshop venue and hotels), with an entrance from Sydnesgaten. The venue is reachable on foot in about 10 minutes from the central square Torgalmenningen. There will be Internet access through WLAN for laptops in the conference area (including the auditorium and poster/demo area).

The lectures are in Auditorium 2. The registration and poster session are in the Area in front of Auditorium 2.

Information for speakers: You will be standing at a desk with a lectern with a fixed microphone right underneath a large screen. Place your laptop on the lectern on which you find a standard VGA plug to a beamer which handles many resolutions including 1024*768. Bring a VGA adapter if your laptop does not have a VGA output port. We encourage you to face the audience and talk into the microphone. Since the projection screen will be right above you, it is impractical to point with a stick or laser; instead, use the mouse pointer on your computer, which should be in mirroring mode (you see on your computer what is projected). As a backup there will also be an OH transparencies projector and a networked PC with Windows XP, Firefox, IE, a PDF viewer and a USB port. If you want to make copies of handouts in Bergen, contact a copy shop beforehand, see the practical information page.

Information for poster presenters: We will provide poster boards with a cork surface on which you can pin your poster, and we will also provide pins and tape. There will also be tables, power outlets and WLAN for demos. The maximum width of your poster is 95 cm; we encourage you to make your poster to A0 portrait size, i.e. 1189 mm high and 841 mm wide, with the help of document class "a0poster.cls" which is available from many web sites. If you would like to print your poster in Bergen rather than transport it from home, you may want to contact a local print shop beforehand, see the practical information page.